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The Scorchers Engineering, mixing and Production

As a service to other bands and artists The Scorchers with Ian Dunstan (JVSYNC) offer a professional Mixing, Engineering, Songwriting and Production service. 

We can help you develop your music, bringing the best out of your songs and professionally record your music. We can provide musicians and singers and / or create your music via our Music Tech Suite.  Then we can finish and master your music to a professional standard ready for release.

If you would like to find out more about this service please do get in touch via our email or call Steve on 07712654841

best of the best


Ian (JVSYNC) was born in South London with 3 brothers and 11 sisters spread over UK, Jamaica and the USA. His parents, Myrtle Brown Nisbett and Lucian Dunstan are originally from Jamaica.

As a young boy, he learnt to play the guitar from the age of 14 in church, where he also learnt keyboards drums and bass. At the age of 16, he started a band called The Beltones for about 2 years.


He then went on to produce his first single entitled ‘For the love of you’, with a band called Simplicity, in the late 70s.


Then in 1979 Ian joined a band called ‘The Coolnotes’ playing bass guitar and singing backing vocals and co-production that went on for 7 years resulting in various hits that charted, earning two appearances on Top of the Pops, Soul Train, Pebble Mill at One, Wogan and a host of other TV appearances. They also recorded three albums and received two gold discs for ‘Now Dance compilation’ album for 100.000 sales, and also ‘Best British Soul Band of 1985.

After some success, Ian was also privileged to work or be on the same stage as Whitney Houston, Depeche Mode, Sugar Hill Gang, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Alison Moyet, Pet Shop Boys.


He has also worked with Carol Thompson, Janet Kay, Das Band, Clear, Joe Jackson, Eddie grant and too many more to mention where he gained experience and knowledge in the music business.


He then spent 10 or so years as MD in the gospel world leading Praise and Worship, and forming a group called ‘Three in One, along with his sister and brother on lead vocals. After producing one album called ‘That Great Day’ he then went on to join a ska band called The Dualers for 6 years playing bass, backing vocals and also production on three albums and various singles including videos.


He now runs his own studio near Ebsfleet, Kent and is bass player, engineer and producer with The Scorchers.

Ian of The Scorchers
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