The Scorchers Rocksteady Reggae Band Retains Entertainment Works™ for PR

London, England 1 February 2021 – The Scorchers Rocksteady Reggae Band has retained Nan Lewis, Founder/CEO of Entertainment Works™ (EW), a marketing and public relations agency, for the band’s PR campaign.

“The decision to retain Entertainment Works™ was an obvious choice. I loved the fact EW specialized in Reggae and had such an impressive back catalogue of artists,” said Steve Carley. “Once I had met Nan Lewis (virtually), I absolutely knew I did not want to trust the marketing and PR of The Scorchers Rocksteady Reggae Band™ to anyone else.”

Nan Lewis, a professional publicist since 1974, opened Entertainment Works™ in 1989, and has specialized in promoting Reggae music and its makers. Lewis retired in 2001 and then reopened EW in 2012 to again represent recording and performing artist Ras Midas from Jamaica.

“I’ve held off signing new clients since 2014 or so; however, Steve was persistent, and very patient, in his desire to have EW to represent The Scorchers™ and, after I heard their music and saw how professional and serious Steve was, l was happy to say yes,” stated Lewis. “I’m looking forward to spreading The Scorchers™ music around the world. I anticipate The Scorchers™ will be well-received by the hundreds of radio DJs and Reggae media around the world that I have worked with for many decades.”

The band’s talented musicians bring the spirit of the Caribbean to Reggae fans with their devotion to creating the Island music sound.

The band recently posted the single, Waiting For The Train, as a teaser on Facebook; it gained over 157,000 views and many positive comments in just a few days.

The band combines classic Jamaican Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady grooves with great lyrics and memorable melodies to form a new and fresh sound, and are planning to release their debut album, Rocksteady Revolution, in Spring 2021. The album features 12 original tracks written by Steve Carley, and was engineered and produced by the band’s bass player, Ian Dunston, and Steve Carley.

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