The  band  play mostly original music which is influenced by  early  Jamaican Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady. Their album  "ROCKSTEADY REVOLUTION" features 12 brilliant original tracks is available during 2021 worldwide. The band continue to attract more fans, radio plays, festivals gigs and tours, the Rocksteady Revolution has started! 

"These are one of the very best current rock steady ska bands to have
happened in recent years, real quality stuff, get stomping"

"That’s a cracker of an album. It’s hard not to get into the mood or find yourself moving to the various tracks. Look forward to seeing you guys soon."


"Luv The Scorchers!"

steve bw drums.jpg

"I was at the Joy festival yesterday and the  Scorchers are brilliant. Fantastic atmosphere, everyone dancing! You must go see them!"

The Scorchers are happy to play anywhere in the world, we like to support good causes and play at charitable gigs, for smaller gigs we can provide a quality 4k PA and some lighting.


To book the band contact Steve on 07712 654841 or email 


Public Relations Agency for The Scorchers   
+1 904 249 2523 Eastern